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LookupGadget aims to be the fastest way to search the AD for staff details.

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1, November 2006
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LookupGadget is designed to be the absolute fastest and easiest way to search the Active Directory for staff contact details. Many organisations populate their Active Directories with user's phone numbers, department and other data. Similarly, many companies have browser based staff directories which enable you to find a staff member's photo and other details. Most of the time however, all you want is a phone number. Starting a browser, navigating to the internal directory, entering the user's name, clicking down, etc all takes time and is disruptive. LookupGadget allows you to quickly and easily find these details. Features include: *Easy to use Windows interface. *Small, fast and unobtrusive. *Sits on the status bar ready for use at all times. *Can be activated by a global hotkey from any program. *Full pattern matching supported. *LookupGadget will search multiple AD fields. *LookupGadget can search child containers as well as child domains. *In most environments, search results are returned in less than 1 second.

Please contact LookupGadget publisher, GadgetFactory if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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