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Electronic Engineer's solution to finding the optimum preferred resistor values.

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Brian Taylor
9, February 2008
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RVal is a program for Electronic Engineers and hobbyists. It will find the nearest preferred resistor values satisfying certain criteria or all within a given tolerance, in whichever range of preferred values the user selects. All the standard value ranges are supported; they are E6, E12, E24, E48, E96 and E192 and the user can add their own ranges. Preferred values can be selected according to the following criteria: * The nearest preferred value to that specified. * The pair of preferred values having the closest approximation to the required Ratio. * The pair of preferred values having the closest approximation to the required Difference. * Pairs of preferred values which, when placed in series or parallel provide the closest approximation to the required value. * The preferred value required in parallel with an existing value to provide the closest approximation to the required value. The program's output can be printed, saved or appended to a text file or copied (in part or in full) to the clipboard. RVal also includes the facility to output a list of the values in the selected range. Clipboard or file contents are also suitable for import into a spreadsheet or similar program.

What's new in current version
User can now add ranges and save program settings

Any Windows PC, VBrun300.dll

Please contact RVal publisher, Brian Taylor if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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