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Prioritize Your Life or Business. Set Goals. Access Dozens of Expert E-Courses.

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My Life Coach
8, March 2009
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Learn how you prioritize the different areas of your life or business and identify opportunities for change. Decide what you would like to achieve using Life Aligner's effective Goal Setting and Prioritization System. Review your priorities and monitor the status of your goals to keep yourself on track. Use Life Aligner to improve any areas of your life including work and personal roles. Prioritize your Life or Business. Includes journaling feature. Caters for Personal and Business Use. Integrated Coaching & Tips. Contains Expert Personal & Business Development E-Courses including: Manage My Time Optimize My Attitude Understand My Fears Start My Coaching Business Get My Priorities in Order Find My Partner Create My Life Plan Prepare for My Interview and Update My CV Stand Out and Attract Clients Start My Part Time Business Change my Behaviors Learn How to Confront Somebody Effectively Negotiate My Salary Create and Manage My Professional Network Set and Plan Set and Plan My Goals Make My Important Decisions Manage My Stress Levels Work Through Relationship Conflicts Listen Actively Give and Receive Feedback Get My Message Across Switch Off From Work Change My Career Access to New E-courses, which will be added over time... Here's what our users are saying: "The interface has been designed with simplicity and speed of use in mind. The Life Aligner Training Videos guided me through the whole process, which enabled me to start benefiting within minutes." "I have been using Life Aligner and I think it's just great. An excellent tool to use for yourself in any aspect of your personal or business life. A fantastic visual tool to keep you on track." "I have been well impressed with what I received for the price. The application in itself is well worth the money and the unlimited E-courses make it great value."

What's new in current version
This trial version of Life Aligner Pro supersedes Life Aligner Lite. It contains a significant number of new features including subgoals, journal, e-courses, integrated coaching and a very slick user interface.

Windows XP, Windows Vista

Please contact Life Aligner Pro publisher, My Life Coach if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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