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Increase MySpace Music Plays and Soundclick Plays, Increase YouTube Video Views. Works with new MySpace Player. The mp3 song plays increaser features plays increase, YouTube video views increaser, and profile hits increaser, with unlimited profiles. Select to increase all songs or any particluar song. Climb up the myspace and soundclick charts, attention from record labels, gigs, venues, club promoters. Unlimited Plays. Scheduling.

What's new in current version
MP3 Song Plays is now the only MySpace song increaser that works with the new MySpace Music, YouTube video plays and profile views can now be increased through MP3 Song Plays, The new Scheduling feature allows you to schedule your plays so you can increase them even if you are on vacation
Please contact Increase MySpace Plays Increaser publisher, Increase MySpace Plays Increaser if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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