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13, April 2012
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Ozeki VoIP SIP .Net SDK for developing C# voice recognition IVR program to add automatic voice response to your telecommunication system. The sample program allows the caller to navigate in a voice menu with the help of telephone keypad and allows to recognize mentioned keywords during the conversation. It registers/unregisters to PBX, handles calls events (incoming and outgoing calls, disconnection, etc), connects the PBX and the dialed party, conciliates audio codecs of participants, implements voice communication. The voice recognition IVR example is easy to use so the usage of Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is not only recommended for IT professionals but for all who want to be familiar with .Net and VoIP technology. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK offers more significant solutions like multichannel IVR server (accepting calls and playing back wav audio) building, navigation in the IVR tree using DTMF commands, navigation in the IVR tree using Voice recognition, automated information query solutions (IVR database integration), IVR to live operator transfer and take back (IVR human cooperation). The following functions are not included in the sample program but there is a possibility to implement them with Ozeki SIP SDK: "Go back" function in the IVR menu, dynamic menu system, custom menu system, call forward function, Windows service based IVR. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK can be easily integrated into any program which was developed in .Net because it is a true .Net solution. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK has supreme audio features like adaptive jitter buffer, narrow band and wide-band voice codec choice: G711A, G711U, iLBC, Speex, Speex-wb, GSM, G.729. Compatible with almost all PBX systems like Asterisk PBX, Cisco UCM, 3CX Phone System, Kamailio PBX, etc. Ozeki SDK works with almost all VoIP service provider. An Ozeki SIP SDK license can be purchased then freely used with your product and you can distribute your product freely in as many copies you want without paying royalties or license fees to Ozeki

What's new in current version
New feature: Webphone development support (Flash and Silverligt)

PC, .NET compatible Development Kit, minimum .Net 3.5. SP1, SIP account (or a SIP PBX)

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Ozeki .Net SDK for C# DTMF IVR system development to add automatic voice response to your telecommunication system. The sample program allows the caller to navigate in a voice menu with the help of the keypad of the telephone to reach the target menu
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