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Free PC-to-PC and inexpensive PC-to-Telephone calls

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25, December 2003
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sharpVoice (formerly CyberTalkOnline) is a mature, reliable internet telephony program that enables free PC-to-PC and inexpensive PC-to-Telephone voice conference calls. sharpVoice Version 6.0 offers great sound quality even over slow internet connections and the ability to conduct multi-person conference calls without a conferencing server. A simple Instant Messenger-like buddy list and easy-to-use interface makes placing calls easy. Network-friendly design lets you make and receive calls even if you use a firewall or proxy server. Record and playback conversations. Fully functional and ad-free for 30 days. Then you must register to make multi-person conference calls, PC-to-Phone calls, and to avoid advertising. Contains no SpyWare.

What's new in current version
Make Inexpensive PC to Phone calls. Conference between multiple PCs and Phones

Please contact sharpVoice(tm) Client publisher, CyberTalkOnline LLC if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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