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Desktop Ruler Icon

Desktop Ruler Full Description

Virtual ruler helpful with spreadsheets, graphic utilities and programming tools

Full Description

Coder Ltd.
29, October 2006
879 Kb
$14.95  -  Buy full version


Product Info

Desktop Ruler is, just as its name indicates, a virtual ruler utility/tool for your desktop. Need some freedom for your creativity? Small by size, our ruler grew into a very sophisticated product, where you can customize almost anything you can think of: size, colors, transparency, orientation, scale, measuring units, resolution, double-click actions, behavior, display of additional information... Of course, multiple monitors are also supported, and you may launch more than one ruler at the same time. Expect high precision? As any ruler is more suitable for estimating than for actually measuring distances, Desktop Ruler incorporates a Precise Measuring Tool with adjustable zoom, capable of pixel level precision measuring of on-screen distances in any angle, not just along the ruler. What else? Desktop Ruler is very useful for programmers in user interface design phase, as well as for Web designers, graphic artists and anyone that needs to measure or align something on the screen. With custom measuring units and resolution it is ideal for measuring scanned documents, like layouts and maps in architecture and geography. Also it is handy when reading large spreadsheets and tables, especially if they are to be compared with printed versions. Do not trust us - try it and see for yourself! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Desktop Ruler is a shareware product, which means that you may evaluate it for 30 days before you either purchase or uninstall it. Please note that our policy is: "User once - user always!", meaning that once you license our software product it is valid for all future updates and releases of that product without additional expenses!

What's new in current version
1. Single bugfix - corrected wrong positioning of information and hints in case of scale drawn on the lower edge of the ruler.

Please contact Desktop Ruler publisher, Coder Ltd. if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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Buy Desktop Ruler license key or activation code online from RegNow! using one of these payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money Order, Open Invoice (European). The order process is protected via secure connection using VeriSign Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Using a crack or a pirated serial or key generator to activate Desktop Ruler full version without buying a license key is against the law.

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