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MySharpCode Learn how to use C# with ADO.NET Data Provider for SQLite to create a program that keeps a database of C# code snippets. The SQLite database included with the free program contains C# programming tips and techniques.
Shareware, $50 | 4, April, 2006
MySharpEbook Would you like to create your own e-book, e-brochure, e-catalog, e-magazine, etc. using Visual C#? Use this C# source codes to create customized e-publications for any occasion or recipient. It will be a useful marketing tool for your business.
Shareware, $50 | 7, November, 2005
Easy Way to Build XML-enabled Programs Would you like to know how to create XML-enabled applications using Visual C++ with TinyXML?
Shareware, $30 | 24, July, 2007
Easy Way to Use SQLite Would you like to know how to create embedded SQL database applications using using Visual C++ with SQLite? Download this sample eBook.
Shareware, $30 | 10, November, 2005
MoSync MoSync SDK enables developers to create native mobile applications for many platforms using a single source code. Developers can create applications using standard web technologies like HTML5 and Javascript, as well as C/C++.
Freeware | 21, October, 2011
GDI Watch Add-In for Visual Studio The GDI watch window add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio that displays the full content of Windows GDI handles.
Shareware, $79.95 | 11, February, 2010
IntelliLock IntelliLock is an advanced 100% managed solution for licensing controls and applications. IntelliLock combines strong license security, highly adaptable licensing functionality/schema with reliable assembly protection.
Shareware, $179 | 11, June, 2013
WinDriver Market Leading Driver Development Toolkit For the Development of High Performance, High Quality User-Mode Device Drivers.
Shareware, $2499 | 28, November, 2006
ASPNet Spell AspNetSpell provides international spellcheck for your ASP.Net web forms. It includes familiar features such as as-you-type & personal dictionaries. ASPNetSpell looks and behaves like MS Word's Spellchecker. Compatible with ASP.Net 2, 3, 3.5 & 4
Shareware, $99 | 3, November, 2010
.NET Reactor .NET Reactor is a powerful code protection and software licensing system. .NET Reactor prevents decompilation by a variety of methods which convert your .NET assembly (EXE & DLL) into processes which no existing tool can decompile.
Shareware, $179 | 10, June, 2013

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ElementaryExtensions Review ElementaryExtensions is an experimental .NET targeted library which proposes some interesting ideas, strategies and techniques. It contains a set of miscellaneous helpers for different routine operations. (http://mivc.comch.ru)
Motorola Mobile PhoneTools Deluxe Review Connect your laptop to your cell phone, use your cell phone as a modem; synchronize cell phone contacts and calendar with your PC. Complete Outlook integration. Create mobile media with ringtone software features, wallpaper and video editing tools.
AVG AntiVirus FREE Review AVG AntiVirus FREE 2013 provides advanced protection for web surfing, emailing, and social networking. And it's packed with features, too: AVG Do Not Track, LinkScanner, Anti-Spyware, and free 24/7 phone support for the USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada.
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