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A suite of Business components that can provide functionality to an application

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5, February 2008
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BitSlice is a suite of Business Components that can be used to provide ready functionality to an application. Business functionality that is common to a wide range of applications, has been packaged into Simple and Easy-to-Use Components, higher level Component Assemblies and Component Sub-systems. The components encapsulate cohesive sets of business computations, validations, data retrieval, data definition, generation and maintenance facilities. These components can be easily plugged into an application thereby saving many lines of code. With the help of these components, the software development process gets a headstart and business applications can be built quickly and efficiently. The application becomes more reliable, robust and of higher quality. The BitSlice component set can be used for building business applications in areas such as Trading, Manufacturing, Banking, Health Care, Accounting and many other business domains. BitSlice components have been used in various domains and have been extended to cater to special application requirements. Productivity improvement and effort reduction of upto 30% have been measured in certain project environments!

Please contact BitSlice publisher, Composite Software Systems if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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