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Develop multi-process applications on Microsoft's .NET platform with TaskGarden.

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26, February 2014
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Develop robust multi-process applications for Microsoft's .NET platform with TaskGarden. TaskGarden is a powerful but simple to use multi-process architecture. Unlike traditional multi-threading, a multi-process architecture helps you to isolate your application from unexpected events by running code inside separate processes. Using a fail-fast approach, problematic processes can be terminated quietly and without affecting the running or stability of your application. Eliminate permission issues with TaskGarden. TaskGarden enables you to segment tasks by running worker processes under different user accounts. It's similar to account impersonation, except that each task is a first class citizen with its own process. Conflicts between main thread and spawned threads are avoided. Impersonation tokens won't suddenly vanish simply because your code was spawned into a new thread. Eliminate 32/64-bit issues with TaskGarden. If you need to call legacy 32-bit DLLs from a 64-bit process, TaskGarden will ensure the code is run with the correct bitness. Concurrent programming is becoming increasingly important with the popularity of parallel processing. Take advantage of modern architectures by distributing workload across multiple CPUs and cores. Improve scalability. Program flow in multi-threaded applications is often difficult to follow, and thread synchronization errors are common. Getting it wrong can lead to critical errors, and because of this sync sections are frequently overused, locking down way too much. So, although you may be using multiple threads, you may find your solution scales no better than had it been single threaded. Wouldn't it be great if all code written was safely callable from multiple threads, even if it was originated as a single thread? Like all WebSupergoo products, TaskGarden will work for the first thirty days uninterrupted, as a free trial period.

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