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DB Calc for Windows Scientific calculator and function plotter. Logic operators. Three angle units. Square and cubic roots. Trig. and hyperbolic functions. Logarithm. Numerical Integration. Plot fucntions: linear and logarithmic plots. Parametric plots. Zoom function.
Shareware, $15 | 4, November, 2004
idv Kvadur idv Kvadur solves quadratic equaitions. The full proccess of solving is displayed. You can run this program on any platform, that supports javascript (PC, PDA, etc.).
Freeware | 10, April, 2005
MultipliK12 MultipliK12 is an educational game for learning and practicing the multiplication tables.
Shareware, $12 | 7, July, 2007
Systems of Nonlinear Equations Numerically solves systems of simultaneous nonlinear equations. It can fully explore defined intervals to search for multiple solutions or quickly find solutions starting with random seeds.
Shareware, $12 | 23, April, 2001
Multiple Integration Performs numerical multiple integration. The limits of integration need not be constants.
Shareware, $12 | 6, April, 2001
LnRSoft Temperature Conversions LnRSoft Temperature Conversions 1.0.25 converts between all temperature scales [Celsius,Delisle, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Newton,R mer,Rankine,R aumur].
Freeware | 18, January, 2009
Math Center Level 1 Math software for students studying precalculus. Math Center Level 1 consists of Graphing calculator 2D, Advanced Calculator, Simple Calculator, Simple Calculator, Simple Rational Calculator, and Simple Integer Calculator.
Shareware, $20 | 26, October, 2012
College Scientific Calculator 27 College Scientific Calculator 27 for scientists, engineers, teachers, and students. Calculates mathematical formulas of any length and complexity.
Shareware, $11 | 27, November, 2012
ViCalc ViCalc-software is a scientific calculator with protocol. In addition ViCalc-Software has got an operation panel in order to get a better view of the running calculation. The software is able to work with scientific constants and units conversion.
Shareware, $11.7 | 23, January, 2010
UberSmart Math Basics UberSmart Math Basics is an easy to use flash card program that helps kids of all ages master their math facts. Students learn with flash cards, then test their skills with timed tests, and get a "gold star" when they have mastered a skill.
Shareware, $14.95 | 3, June, 2009

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