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Visual Interpolation and Regression analysis by simple Point-and-Click

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31, January 2014
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Interpolation and Regression are fundamental and important calculations in mathematics. Mr. Newton and Mr. Gauss were engaged in-depth with numerical solutions for these problems. Today, there are improved algorithms, that can solve such tasks. InterReg allows you to do such complex calculations just with some point-and-click. So this program is not only for mathematics and engineers. The applications are many and reach from education over science to productive use in your company: in example a meaningful sales forecast can be done in minutes. Over this, the software offers some other functionality to do curve sketching, integration and statistics as well. Version 2 calculates with arbitrary precision. Free for students and schools.

What's new in current version
* Loading and saving of projects * Undo / Redo * Recalculate

DotNet Framework 4.0

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