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Queries the Icelandic Treebank via a graphical interface.

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5, July 2011
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Queries the Icelandic Treebank via a graphical interface. Use IcePaHC to study variation and change in syntax or to train statistical parsers. Uses same format as historical Penn treebanks. This visual version of IcePaHC sends search queries to CorpusSearch to retrieve results so the same query languge can be used. IcePaHC is an important tool for users of other historical phrase structure corpora since it extends the comparative dimension of such resources. IcePaHC was developed by Joel Wallenberg, Anton Karl Ingason, Einar Freyr Sigur sson and Eir kur R gnvaldsson at the University of Iceland.

Please contact IcePaHC for Windows - Icelandic Treebank publisher, Icelandic Center of Language Technology if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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