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Grow bigger and bigger while eating everything in the world.

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Dingo Games
8, April 2010
7900 Kb
$19.95 to buy


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The idea of Tasty Planet is simple. You control a tiny ball of grey goo which eats everything around it. The more it eats, the bigger it gets! It was created as a bathroom cleaner. The grey goo was only supposed to eat dirt and bacteria - cleaning your bathroom automatically. Instead it eats everything: dirt, bacteria, bugs, fish, mice, cats, dogs, cars, trees, houses... Everything! Soon the entire planet will be eaten by this crazy ball of goo. Fortunately you're on the goo side. Tasty Planet plays like a 2d version of the console hit Katamari Damacy. There are three different game modes to choose from: normal, time attack, and endurance. Normal mode is easy-going fun. Time attack pits you against the clock to see how fast you can eat the level. Endurance mode is a tribute to the original growth game Shark Shark. Enjoy some great tunes as you eat up everything in your path. Happy jazz is the perfect genre of music to accompany your worldly feast. Along with the music are a ton of hilarious sound effects. Everyone knows what eating a ladybug sounds like, but have you ever wondered what eating a blimp sounds like? No? Regardless, soon you'll know. Once you're done eating everything on earth you'll have to look elsewhere for food. Launch into orbit where there are plenty of tasty things to eat like meteoroids, satellites and astronauts. After eating all that you'll have to travel even further into deep space where a limitless galactic buffet awaits you. Well... even the universe has limits. You'll just have to eat them.

What's new in current version
Fixed problems on many newer computers

600MHz, DirectX 7

Please contact Tasty Planet (for Windows) publisher, Dingo Games if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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