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Receive the bride's blessings but avoid her tricks!

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19, October 2006
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Which one do you prefer - a warm blessing or a naughty trick? Your task in this game is to catch the bride's bouquets, and at the same time prevent the bombs from explosion. When the game starts, bouquets will be thrown from the chapel, and you need to click and drag them to the basket at the lower right corner. Each bouquet put into the basket gives 200 points. You will start the game with 5 lives, as shown at the top left corner. If a bomb appears, you need to catch it before it hits the ground and place it into the wooden box at the lower left corner, or you will lose one life. When all of the lives are gone, you lose the game. Good luck!

What's new in current version
Added 4 language versions

Adobe AIR runtime 2.5

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