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Charge your rifle and stand out against the hunting ducks! For all shooter fans!

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3, August 2004
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Duck Old-timer said: "Listen, my Duck-brothers! Every autumn those people start hunting us... We are fed up with it! From now on we will fly in helmets and flak jackets; we'll be armed to the teeth and have parachutes and jet accelerators... So, dear sirs, we will do hunting our way! These men will regret every single miss because our weapons won't spare them! We'll make the hunt their worst nightmare...; They threw down a challenge on us, man... Don't slip up - stand up and fight! Lots of brand new features are waiting for you in this incredible arcade game. * Check out tough game characters of the Duck Air Force, which differ in rank and behavior: Interceptors-privates - the most peaceful and vulnerable parts of the Air Force community. They only protect themselves with the help of helmets and some use parachutes. ** Supersonic Fighters fly very fast - just like their name suggests. Those are the results of a recent invention from DuckSciLab - jet accelerator that was implanted to the ducks-volunteers. ** Destroyers-commandos will try to wound you with the paint that holds for some time on the screen and impedes to play. These are real pills! They are mean and cheeky. So, watch out! ** Aerobatic Aces... hm... they are not even worth mentioning:). * A flexible scouring system was introduced - for shooting down the duck pilots you should come up with wining strategies for each duck character. The number or points you get fully depends on the character you shot and its flying speed. In addition to traditional skills levels of Novice, Expert, and Master, the game has several game modes: Blitz, Sniper, Crossfire and CliKill. The higher the skill level is, the faster the ducks fly and the smaller the radius of hit is. That means that you need to shoot faster and more precisely. This game is promised to become a treat for the fans of trendy cartoon graphics and classic arcade/shooter mix. So, charge your rifle and stand out against the... Jet Ducks!

Pentium II 300, 64 MB RAM or more, Win 9x/ME/2000/XP, DirectX 6.0

Please contact Jet Ducks publisher, if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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