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Game description: Prep and serve customers pancake orders quickly and accurately to make your daily sales targets. Keep track of your supplies! Game controls: This game is played with mouse only.

Game description: Choose your favorite team and start living the excitement of this great game. Try to win the world cup. Game controls: This game is played with mouse only.
5943. Speedback

Game description: A real American Football. strong-arm your way into the end zone! You only have 3 touchdowns for an extra life. Game controls: Arrow keys- To move. A- Stiff-arm a defender. S- Spin to avoid. (Only one stiff-arm and spin per possessio

Game description: plankton has stolen mr krab s secret recipe ! spongebob and patrick must take it back before its to late , hurry up ! Game controls: Use arrow keys to drive.
5945. Gunblood

Gunblood is an addictive western shootout. Mission of the game is to become the most feared gunslinger by defeating all marksmen in one-on-one gun fights. Place your mouse over the gun chamber, wait 3 seconds, and when the countdown reaches FI

Customize your character and shoot the enemy off the small arena map enough times to progress. Use arrow keys to move. [ to shoot. ] to use bomb. Go to option to know the controls from player 2 to player 4.
5947. Storm Ops

Gun down enemies in your crosshairs as you earn money for better guns and scopes. Game controls: Mouse Aim / Shoot. R Reload. F Change firing mode. V Peek over the sight 1-3 Change weapons. Q Last used

Game description: Send the right units to the enemy base to try and defeat their base before they defeat yours. Game controls: This game is played with mouse only.

Choose 2 champions and start the adventure! Battle in the arena to climb the ranks, purchase upgrades at the armor and pet shops, and sift through the chaos to discover the emperor s spy! Battle is turn-based, so take your time. Use the menu op

Card game of Concentration; play computer or another person.

Game description: Super Mario s world is now under attack of enemies. Mario brothers and their two friends are working hard to repel enemies. Will you help them? Game controls: This game is played with mouse only.

Game description: Evil robot intrude into earth and transformer s home.Help transformer hero to defense them! Game controls: Arrow keys to move. A to attack. S to use dagger. D to defend.

Game description: Skate the half pipe as Scooby or shaggy, pick your board and the halfpipe. Go as high as possible. Game controls: Left / Right Arrow Start Rolling. Up Arrow increase height and speed. Down Arrow Increase down

Browse these bodacious beach-side boutiques! You ll be sayin Aloha in no time! Hawaii Shop till you drop and complete cool challenges for fun! Don t forget your Lady Card!

Game description: Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Shopping Cart Hero returns with more addictive jumping action than ever before in three all new worlds!

RC Car Simulator is a FREE Radio Controlled Car Simulator for the PC. Race against computer opponents to improve your racing skills. Use the keyboard or an analogue joystick to control the car. Great for novices and club racers alike.

Add to My Favorites Description Get your Santa on with a super-sized Christmas shopping spree! Search each store to help Tara find all of the hidden items on her Christmas list before time runs out. If you get stuck, you can always click Hint for a l

How will your soul mate meet his or her untimely end? Will she fall from balloons to an untimely death, or will he be beaten by boxing gloves? Find out each special end.

Game description: It s getting tactical now. In School Wars you have to command your troop. Capture the important squares, grow the team and fight hostile groups. Game controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Game description: Play as Ultraman and rescue the city against all enemies. Game controls: Player 1: W,A,S,D Move. J Attack. K Special. Player 2: Arrow Keys Move. Numpad 2 Attack. Numpad 3- Special.

Game description: Find the seven ways to whack your boss. Game controls: Use mouse to interact.

Game description: They re use to be soulmates but now they ve broken up. Haunted by revenge fantasies? Still want to get back at your ex? Try these therapeutic exercises. Game controls: Mouse to click an object. Then stand back.

Game description: Use sea-turrets to defend against invading boats. Game controls: This game is played with mouse only. Hope you have fun!

Bomb enemy ships to the bottom of the see while dog-fighting enemy planes. Game controls: Arrow keys To control the aircraft. X,W or Space bar T o fire from main gun. Q,Z or Control key To drop the bombs.

Game description: Bake a delicious birthday cake for your friends very special birthday. go through all the steps from preparation to baking the cake in the oven. When it is all done, decorate the cake with your favorite toppings.

Game description: Shoot em up in Toy Story s universe. Game controls: Use mouse to move and shoot. Space bar for secondary fire.

Game description: Be an amazing host and give all those carol singers a little treat so that they can bring the Christmas songs joy in your home. Hurry up so that you can give them all a yummy treat! Merry Christmas!

Game description: Get ready for a crazy race with your bike over many different obstacles without crashing.The faster you ll pass the level the more score you can earn. Game controls: Arrow keys or W,A,S,D To control motorbike.

Game description: Find the hidden objects as you explore the house in this fantastic looking, highly detailed game. Game controls: This game is played by mouse only.
5970. Flakboy 2

Flakboy s back for another beating, so bust out the arsenal and show him what you ve got!Scroll over the categories, clicking the weapons you want to add and dragging them into place (border must be green). Place the rubber ducky in the r

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