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In Japanese Roulette a beautiful girl invites you to her casino to win money!

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24, February 2004
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When you download the game Japanese Roulette a beautiful girl attracts your attention. She has an unusual for the girl life story. She spent her childhood in a far away country having no chance to exploit her potentialities. Once, her elder brother taught her to play cards. It was the simplest game, but it made an impression on the girl. Since that day the girl became crazy about gambling games: she collected any sort of information about cards, developed sleight of hand and learned tricks. Pungent sensations, risk and hazard drew her with insurmountable power. Dreaming about big cities, clubs, fine life the girl spent her petty economies on a new pack of cards. Her parents were shocked with a piece of news their daughter intended to leave country for city and that she decided to become a casino manager! It was banned to her to leave the house, but the girl stole her parents' money form a book, which was hidden on the shelf and ran away. In the city she was hard up and sometimes she had no food, but the girl studied management and she was the best learner and gained the best job. Her dream came true! Now she is in her element, she has a constant income and a world of hazard surrounds her, she can permit herself to play any game she wants and to loose a round sum. The money she had stolen was returned by the girl as soon as it was possible. This moment this successful lady invites you to her casino to play Japanese Roulette, to try pungent sensations, to feel Japanese atmosphere created by the designers, to listen to relaxing music and to win money! Pleasant settings, the roulette of special shape and the girl herself will help you to do it!

Pentium 200 or better, 64 Mb RAM or better, 640x480 display resolution or better

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