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Best strategies for speed leveling, WoW gold making, profession leveling and PvP

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22, June 2011
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Nyhm WoW guide package contains best strategies for making WoW gold, speed leveling, profession leveling and PvP. Nyhm's guides will allow you to make over 250 gold per hour, level from 1 to 80 in less then 7 days, level professions lightning fast and become a PvP master killer. Package includes In-Game MapMod, updated for World of Warcraft Wrath of The Lich King, that serves for both leveling and gold mining. The In-Game MapMod shows you how to finish your quests in the easiest and fastest manner. It includes a database of quests, monsters, and items, telling you the exact location of that dang Perfect Satyr Horn you can't find. It also computes the fastest path to complete all your quests and gain experience as quickly as possible. So, Guide package consists of: 1. Nyhm's Gold Making Guide (Valued At $44.95) - Guide filled with the most powerful gold making secrets 2. Nyhm's Leveling Guide (Valued At $44.95) - Guide that will show you the fastest path to lvl 80 3. Nyhm's Profession Guide (Valued At $34.95) - Guide that will show you the fastest path to lvl 450 professions 4. Nyhm's Player Vs. Player Guide (Valued At $34.95) - PVP guide that will show you the easiest way to dominate your enemies: Warrior PvP, Rogue PvP, Warlock PvP, Hunter PvP, Mage PvP, Druid PvP, Shaman PvP, Paladin PvP 5. Nyhm's Reputation Guide (Valued At $29.95) - Guide filled with the best strategies to get exalted with the best reputations. It costs about $20 to buy 250 gold from gold farming websites, with Nyhm' gold making guide you can make 250 gold in just one hour. In just two hours you will have made your money back for this guide. Nyhm's Leveling Guide comes in separate sections for Horde and Alliance, and each faction has a 1-60-70-80 leveling section, so it's all covered, you will be able to turn into a high level 80 player very quickly so long as you follow the guide.There is no grinding involved, just 100% pure & efficient Step-by-Step questing instructions.

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Added new way paths

Pentium III 800 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 15 MB drive space, video accelerator

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