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Play Kakuro on your PC. Unlimited puzzles at 5 levels of difficulty

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5, June 2009
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Play Kakuro on your PC. Unlimited puzzles at 5 levels of difficulty and 6 different grid sizes. Unique drop down tool to eliminate combinations. An unlimited supply of puzzles. Six standard grid sizes plus custom grids. Different background skins, plus change colours to suit your mood. Play against the clock and compete to get in the roll of honour. Five levels of difficulty. Pencil in your working as you go with right mouse button, confirm your choice with the left button. Auto-pencil to help you learn to play Unique pop up combination list to help you eliminate combinations Hint button to show you the next square to solve Enter the puzzles from the newspaper and play them as a normal game, or have the program solve it for you and show you the answer. You can also print out puzzles to play on paper, and save a game to return to later or to mail to a friend. Full undo/redo history so you can backtrack through your game.

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Please contact Kakuro Works publisher, Oak Systems Leisure Software Ltd if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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