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21, October 2010
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TIFF Combiner is best tool located on the internet to combine several single and multi-page TIFF files into one multi-page TIFF file. TIFF Combiner has a easy to use interface to combine TIFF files. You can set order of pages combine or merged into new file. TIFF Combiner uses the fastest methods for searching for TIFF images. TIFF Combiner was designed for fast and error free combining of your TIFF files. It supports all versions of TIFF files. It also supports tiff files which are compressed. - A simple, flexible and powerful interface. - Supports Individual Page Count - Search by date or file size - Supports Compressed TIFF Files - Fast and Error Free Splitting of TIFF Files - Support multi-page and single page tiff files - Append tiff file to many TIFF files in one time - Delete and Add or Insert any page from TIFF file in batch mode - Choose Different Naming Conventions of New TIFF Files - Set order of images to be included in merged file You can also append the TIFF file to many TIFF files in one time. You can also Add or Insert and Delete pages inside the TIFF file in batch mode. Download TIFF Combiner and test the powerful performance of TIFF Combiner.

Please contact TIFF COMBINER publisher, THE TIFF Software Co. if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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