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Photoshop plugin for creating duotone, sepia and color tone tint effects.

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10, April 2006
489 Kb
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Autochromatic is a Photoshop plugin that helps you create duotone, sepia, greyscale and color tint effects. You can use Autochromatic to add a rust or lavender tone to your image, create psychedelic color effects, change the foreground and background color of your pictures, or adjust the colors to blend with the color scheme of your web page. Autochromatic comes with over 30 presets to get you started and a randomize control to spark your creativity. You can also save your own presets in the registered version. The installer program gets you up and running quickly, so you can be creating beautiful images in no time.

What's new in current version
Fix for Windows XP systems, installer detects plugin directory, includes new presets

Adobe Photoshop, or Photoshop plugin compatible program

Please contact Autochromatic publisher, namesuppressed if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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