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ICC Software
1, September 2006
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Nutritional Product: Do you need to improve your health? It is something we all want to do, but with all that we see on TV and read in everything from newspapers to magazines. Sometimes, making those choices are hard when we are unaware of what the nutritional content is of the foods we eat. Perhaps what we may see as healthy isn't, or what we assume can't be good for us isn't as bad as we once thought. To make your nutritional choices easier, we developed Healthy Image Nutritional Software. This award winning software was the first application of its kind to make nutrition counseling as easy as possible. Its friendly user interface and thousands of options give every dieter, diabetic, or anyone who is health conscious the choice to choose. Benefits of Healthy Image Software: Complete charts showing the percentage of your intake for multiple of foods Comes preloaded with the servings, fat grams, saturated fats, calories, cholesterol and sodium nutritional values for: 1000's of Supermarket Items & 1000's of items for over 20 Restaurant Chains Supermarket items categorized by store section making them easy to find Create your own items and modify existing items Print nutritional reports that calculate all of the items in your list. Do you need to take control of your health and start making better choices? Then you need Healthy Image Nutritional Software! Get The Information You Need To Make The Right Nutritional Choice Now!

32 RAM, 10 Megs HD

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