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RLT Club Management System RLT Professional Club Management System was developed to simplify the management of entrants venue and race information. Allowing you to quickly prepare your race list ready for use in Race Lap Timer Professional.
Shareware, $300 | 1, June, 2008
Maldives Diving Book your Maldives Diving holiday directly online with Maldives Dive Travel and choose from their diverse selection of dive safari ships in different categories and price levels.
Freeware | 31, August, 2009
Modeling Passion Business Program Modeling Business Startup Expert is an all-in-one software program that provides you with the tools needed to start and manage a successful business.
Shareware, $599 | 21, October, 2011
Psychic Pet Control DSPP Animal Communication Pet Psychic mental self help brain wave stimulating visual subliminal message program helps you become your own beastmaster and develop good animal communication with your pets. Demo Win and Mac.
Commercial, $14.95 | 15, August, 2006
SportsBook Widget SportsBook widget provides wagering stats on current sporting events and is updated in real time. Includes the spread, moneyline and total points on dozens of games. Covers every major type of sport including football, baseball, basketball, hockey.
Freeware | 31, July, 2006
CoffeeMachine A little program for making virtual coffee
Shareware | 15, June, 2007
Baseball Roster Organizer Baseball Roster Organizer is a free software program that enables baseball coaches to organize and track baseball team's roster changes. It allows you to track any number of baseball teams under different team files and any number of baseball games.
Freeware | 16, July, 2006
Basketball Roster Organizer Basketball Roster Organizer is a free software program that enables basketball coaches to organize and track basketball team's roster changes. Coaches track any number of basketball teams under different team files and any number of basketball games.
Freeware | 16, July, 2006
Football Roster Organizer Football coaches track your team s roster on a quarter and game by game basis for the entire season with this program. Football Roster software is freeware and is a simple way to enter, print, and track line-ups and results.
Freeware | 2, June, 2011
ShepherdsWarning ebook ebook - The Bogdoddy Sagas, Shepherd's Warning - Read part of it free, pay to read the rest. Children's adventure tail of mythical creatures.
Shareware, $5.99 | 10, July, 2006

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