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Data theft security tool examine port traffic record plug-in plug-out activities

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11, January 2008
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LAN USB drive blocker software is real time USB activity monitoring software that records all data transfer between client machine and USB mass storage devices with performed file operation like cut/copy/paste. USB data theft protection tool prevent windows network from unofficial use of secondary storage devices. USB drive activity controller software records connected device hardware id, capacity, manufacturer name, insertion or removal date and time, client machine IP address etc and send sound alerts even when any memory stick device is connect or remove from client machine. USB activities analyzer tool prevent confidential data loss and monitor multiple USB mass storage devices simultaneously in LAN. Data theft security software analyzes device status even when network cable is unplugged or client machine is not connected with server. USB device monitoring tool authorize administrator to block read/write permissions or modify only readable access permissions of client machine USB port. USB drive blocking tool support all external removable storage media devices such as flash card, pen drive, USB storage enabled mobile phone memory, thumb drive, memory stick, iPods, MP4 media players, MP3 player etc. Features: * USB drive activity controller software has the ability to enable or disable any client machine USB port over local area network. * Store and analyze data transfer and record each and every performed operation between client machine and USB devices. * Software is capable to analyze multiple system activities simultaneously in local area network. * Send sound alerts according to insertion or removal of USB devices with date and time, hardware id, device capacity, client machine IP address. * Support all external USB devices such as pen drive, flash drive, thumb drive, memory stick etc.

What's new in current version
Added support for all latest USB mass storage devices

512Mb RAM, 10Mb disk space

Please contact Disable USB Port publisher, Network usb monitor if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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