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Website monitoring software check uptime downtime performance of web host server

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11, January 2008
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Is your website going down or having some loading problems due to which server not found or page cannot be displayed on your computer screen? Don t worry, Instant website monitoring software check the performance of the web pages at every regular interval of time and alerts to you whenever any website is down or become unavailable due to various errors like Low Bandwidth , Host Not Found , Connection Failure , Low Connectivity Network Status , Server Not Found etc. Network monitoring tool is mostly designed and developed for keeping inform about web site s availability. Remote website monitoring software is especially useful for E-Business. Ping and trace monitoring software is useful for both home and organizational level with user-friendly interface that makes it extremely easy to operate and understand. Site monitoring software notifies you in three different ways via email, runs a specific program and beeps sound. Ping checker monitoring tool is helpful for checking your website performance continuously so that whenever your website is inaccessible due to page not found, connection failure, Web monitoring software send notification to webmaster via email or running a specific program instantly. If your websites are going down anywhere in the world due to low bandwidth, downtime monitoring tool sends notification via email and generates report with reason in text or html format. Remote web site monitoring utility is fully compatible with all versions of windows operating system. Features: * Web site performance monitoring utility does not require any technical knowledge to understand the working of it. * Remote web site monitoring tool provides best Graphical User Interface and easy to understand the installation and operational process. * Network monitoring tool supports all windows operating system including 98, ME, NT, 2000, Server 2003, XP (home, professional edition) and Vista.

What's new in current version
Added support for Windows Vista operating system

128 MB RAM, 20 MB Disk Space, any Windows OS

Please contact Website Downtime Monitor Tool publisher, Disk Recovery Tools if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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