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Register here if you want information on new programs, updates and other useful information regarding us. (We will not send you anything else). Invoice Software Freeware and Shareware from AB Invoicing
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AB InvoicingCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
A scalable business system that can meet the demands from most small businesses. Start with free writing of invoices on a single computer and expand to a complete invoicing system run on a network. A very easy-to-use system that lets you concentrate on the actual business but still be in full control of the money side of it. The system can handle all types of taxes and also produce all financial reports you need.

AB Invoice, Mailing moduleCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
This module is used to: Keep contact with customers via electronic mail or letters. It can create text files with customer addresses to use with Word, e-mail programmes etc. It also prints paper labels of any format to send paper letters to customers.

Pack WitchCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Other
Pack Witch is a companion to the program Travel Witch. You use it to create pack lists for your holyday trip, business journey, weekend hike or why not; your big adventure trip around the world.You create base lists with what you know is needed for a type of trip you use to do. When planning a trip you open a base list , fill in with new items you want to add and then save the list with a new name.

Travel WitchCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Other
Travel Witch is designed for planning trips, short or long. You can use the program for planning your professional trips, for the family holiday or the big adventure trip you longed for. The idea is to plan the entire trip in Travel Witch, part by part, and write down all particulars for every part in the trip. Make a print out just before you leave and you will have all planning for the trip on a couple of pages.

AB Invoice Accounting moduleCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
This module is used to keep track of your business. You need to keep some sort of record to see how your business is going, as basis for your tax return, to show your bank, your business partner etc. This is a single entry accounting system that lets you design your records to suit your needs.

AB Invoice Customer moduleCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
This module is used to: Store customer data. You also keep contact data that is not used in the actual invoicing. Fetch customer data to the invoice routine. Set the credit limits for customers. Write notes on customers. Keep notes on customers such as discount, different terms etc. Make lists of customers. Print excerpt from the register.

AB Invoice, Product moduleCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
This module is used to: Fetch products to the invoice routine. Copy a products code, description, unit and price straight from the products database to the invoice row. Check the statistics. Store lists of products. Print price lists. Lists that you can distribute on paper or electronically (pdf). Organise products in groups. Connect price calculations to products. Use the "Price calculation module" to set the correct price.

AB Invoice Price calculation moduleCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
A sound business is dependent on sound calculations. This module is the tool for that. The calculation can be done in different ways, more or less thorough, and the result transferred to the products database. Use it to check the feasibility of a new product or the price of an old one. NOTE! This is a very useful and sometimes shocking module to use. Every serious entrepreneur should use it!

AB Invoice, Utilities moduleCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
This module is used for: Back up of programme data. Programme data as well as logo and other files are copied to a new location. This function can also be used when moving the programme to another computer. File repair. A power failure, malfunctioning programme or other reasons can damage the data files. Data export. The exported data is in text format and can be further treated to suit your needs.

AB Invoice, Stock moduleCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
This module is used to: Keep track of stock levels. You can see what you have, set minimum levels and get a warning when you risk of getting out of stock. Stock taking. Make a physical check of the stock and update your records. Suppliers. Keep a register of suppliers. Make a note of the supplier s range and other useful information.Set source. Connect the products to suppliers. Print purchase list and shortage list.