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Our products were in development and have been on the market in the former Czechoslovakia since 1988, though, during that time only available in the Czech language.The company specializes in security software, with avast! antivirus being the flagship product line. During the lifetime of the product line, avast! products have become both award winning, and number one in a number of key markets, as well as increasing market share year-on-year since first international release.ALWIL Software is developed entirely in-house at our offices in Prague 10 in the Czech Republic, although we also collaborate with many other people around the world who can offer us the specialist security, process and translation skills we need to meet our customer's quality expectations.avast! antivirus software is based on the ALWIL Software virus scanning technology since 1988. avast! antivirus engine scans for computer viruses, worms and Trojans. It can be used to scan any object you like - files, memory, E-mails, Web sites etc. Users can select the right Edition of avast! antivirus.
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Avast FreeCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Virus Utilities
Avast continues to push the envelope of top-shelf free security features with hybrid update tech, file reputation analysis, and more. It's independent benchmarks are a bit weak, but more than 150 million people trust Avast to keep them safe.

avast! Free AntivirusCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Virus Utilities
avast! Free Antivirus is a full-featured product, with the same antivirus and anti-spyware scanning engine used in our premium products. Leaner and meaner version 6 provides even faster protection than its predecessor (which often outperformed competitors paid-for products in independent testing) and offers a web-reputation browser extension as well as virtualization technology.

avast! Pro AntivirusCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Virus Utilities
avast! Pro Antivirus is for individuals or companies that want customizable computer security that will integrate easily with an existing firewall. It has all the features of avast! Free Antivirus, plus a command-line scanner, full-scale virtualization, and the new avast! SafeZone (a clean, isolated desktop, so that other applications even keyloggers cannot see what s happening), designed specifically for secure online shopping or banking.

avast! Pro AntivirusCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Virus Utilities
avast! Pro Antivirus 5.0 is for people and companies that want a customized computer security package. Antivirus and internet protection components in avast! Pro Antivirus are built for easy integration with existing firewalls in users computers.

avast! Server EditionCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Virus Utilities
avast! 4 Server Edition offers the most powerful protection to fight virus infections on your server or servers. It works both as primary protection of a file server itself, and, via its optional plug-ins, as protection for various server subsystems, such as electronic mail or firewall/proxy. avast! antivirus kernel features world-class detection abilities and you can expect 100% detection of In-the-Wild viruses and Trojan horses.

avast! anti-rootkit EditionCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Virus Utilities
avast! antirootkit Edition is a complete anti-rootkit solution for Windows systems, from Windows 2000 (SP 4) (Server and Workstation) all the way to Server 2008 and all Windows OSes in between. avast! anti-rootkit Edition works on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. The program does not require registration, and is free for use for all users. The technology is also built into all avast! antivirus editions from avast! 4.8 and higher.

avast! WHS EditionCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Virus Utilities
The avast! antivirus scan engine is now available to protect the Windows Home Server platform, providing a complete antivirus solution on the platform, and therefore protecting irreplacable data and programs. With avast! you can install and forget, with automatic updates of both the program and virus definitions, your data and programs will be safe from the latest threats at all times. avast! WHS Edition is the key to keeping your machine safe.

avast! Virus CleanerCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Virus Utilities
avast! Virus Cleaner is a free tool that will completely remove selected viruses from PC. It is able to stop viruses that are active in memory, it will disinfect your files, remove virus registry & startup items, and virus working files. Currently, it can handle these virus families: Badtrans, Beagle, Blaster, BugBear, Ganda, Klez, MiMail, MyDoom, Nachi, NetSky, Nimda, Opas, Parite, Sasser,Scold, Sircam, Sober, Sobig, Swen, Yaha,Zafi incl. var.

avast! U3 editionCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Virus Utilities
avast! Antivirus U3 Edition can work with any U3 device. It provides comprehensive protection of your U3 smart drive against viruses and malware infections from a host machine. Designed to protect U3 smart drives from viruses and other forms of malware, the U3 platform is all about carrying your entire workspace with you, including your programs and data. avast! antivirus U3 edition has been specifically developed for the U3 smart drive.