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Update 2003: Our brilliant leader stepped (or rather fell) down, due to a progressive illness and accidental accidents, leaving Jane to run the company. Clint and Andrew remain available for consultation, in spite of what their shirts may proclaim! ("I will not fix your computer!" and "Let me drop everything and work on YOUR problem!") Update 2003: We are returning to "normal" following the Southern California wildfire storm, evacuation, and cleanup. Jane, our new leader, is reorganizing all aspects of the company. Repetitive duties, like processing orders and money, have been outsourced, lightening our work load, so creativity and having fun can remain our focus.An excellent assortment of screen saver software and unique card games and casino games. Five-star rated and ZD award finalist software! Free game demo downloads. 1 Great Craps Game, Fat Cat Hearts, Fat Cat Poker, Ultimate Gin, Image Master 2000, Wallpaper Recycler, Simon Says Blackjack, and Hal, a free assisted speech program.
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Pete's PokerCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Cards, Casino & Gambling
Get the feel of a real no limit or limit Texas Hol'em poker game while playing as one of (7) poker players at a friendly poker table with a dedicated dealer. Select one of the 7 characters to act as your proxy and play poker against the others. Change poker rooms and card decks. chip values and buy in values are selectable. Monitor game statistics, change game options, use the keyboard rather than your mouse if you desire.

1 Great Craps GameCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Cards, Casino & Gambling
Great Craps simulation with animated players. All bets are implemented with an intuitive bet interface. The craps dealer recites each roll result and additionally has several game lessons that he explains in spoken English. The craps dealer and all other animated players are implemented as Microsoft agents, so can speak and show thoughts as the game is played. A money manager can be implemented to enforce adherence to money management.

Fat Cat HeartsCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Cards, Casino & Gambling
Get the feel of a real hearts game while playing one of several game variations against 3 other animated computer players. Change game points and game speed as necessary. Internet or LAN play is an option so you can play against real people. Change hearts rooms and card decks and computer opponents when ever desired.

Fat Cat PokerCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Cards, Casino & Gambling
Get the feel of a real poker game while playing five card stud, seven card stud, high Chicago, structured hold em, five card draw (jacks or better), or five card draw (no openers required) against 4 other animated computer players, with a dedicated dealer. Internet or LAN play is an option so you can play against real people. Change poker rooms and card decks. When registered, chip values and buy in values are selectable.

Ultimate Gin 5.0Category:  Games & Entertainment » Cards, Casino & Gambling
Play Gin with animated computer characters or a friend over the internet or LAN. Download free character sets to play gin with all of our gin characters. Select one of our 10 card decks, use Hollywood scoring if desired. Select different game variations, and the value assigned to different bonus values. Use our internet server or directX to play over the internet or a LAN.

Simon Says BlackjackCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Cards, Casino & Gambling
Play blackjack with 2 other computer generated players or by yourself. The computer controlled players will play based on a chart of moves that you can define that depends on the dealers up card and the cards in the players hand. These playing charts are easy to edit and develop within the game and a different chart can be used for each player, allowing you to explore your ideas for best blackjack moves easily and quickly.

Wallpaper Recycler IIICategory:  Desktop Tools » Other
This program makes it easy to use your pictures as Windows Wallpaper. Simply collect the pictures you want to use from any drive or folder on your computer. Add these pictures to any of 10 lists (each list can contain up to 1000 pictures). Set the interval you want the pictures to show as your Wallpaper. Each picture can have its own display method (tiled or centered). This program places an icon in the windows tray for activation.

Image Master 2000Category:  Desktop Tools » Screen Savers
Use your pictures to easily make a screen saver or a unique image viewer. Perfect for wedding pictures. Pictures can be displayed individually, as a collage with 4 pictures on the screen at once, or in the overlay mode where the picture is displayed on top of the last picture shown. Use the program to add text to your pictures, Store up to 1000 different slide shows with up to 1000 pictures in each.