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Scope We develop planning and scheduling software covering small to medium sized tasks. Tasks, that are too complex to handle manualy, and too small to let the computer solve them by an algorithm.Our products do not perform your planning tasks as such, they only assist you in doing so. Computers can't compete with human brains as puzzeling power concerns, anyway.They allow you to concentrate on the planning issue, by letting the computer keep tack of all the loose ends and little things.Planning and scheduling software tools covering multi-project management and staff scheduling.
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Roster PlannerCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
Roster Planner addresses the problem: Who is to do what and when. To this end Roster Planner contains two schedules 1) the activity schedule and 2) the duty schedule and an automatic assignment procedure based on competences. This unique approch pinpoints the scheduling problem. If the schedule exhibirs a recurrent pattern a template covering the pattern can be formulated. Look and feel of the familiar planning board.

Multi Project PlannerCategory:  Business & Finance » Project Management
Multiple concurrent projects competing for shared resources is at the very focus of Multi-Project-Planner. The core of Multi-Project-Planner is a global master plan containing the schedules of the work teams participating in the projects. Upon this master plan the gantt charts of the projects are superimposed according to the resource requirements of the project activities. This layout immediately reveals resource conflicts among the activities.