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Accurately records focus for each desktop, so that when you switch back to a desktop you're back at the application you last used there Arrange Dialog The DesktopPlus Arrange Dialog provides a drag and drop interface for moving and copying windows and icon between Virtual Desktops. It also provides access to the each Virtual Desktops' Desktop Properties Dialog and the Options Dialog. Options Dialog The DesktopPlus Options Dialog contains configuration options for DesktopPlus. Options are arranged into their respective branches, making navigating the various DesktopPlus options easy.DesktopPlus is *the* virtual desktop manager software for the Windows platform - featuring a host of options and advantages including easy-to-use configuration, up to 9 virtual desktops and many other great features.
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DesktopPlusCategory:  System Utilities » Registry & Shell Utilities
Create up to 9 'Virtual' Desktops, divide your standard Windows desktop amongst them and individually organize, arrange and configure them. Each Virtual Desktop can have its own set of Applications (windows), Desktop Icons, Wallpaper, Resolution and frequency. Automatically start applications on individual desktops. Switch between desktops with a single key combination, the toolbar or the tray icons - all configurable.