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AftarSoft Visual Basic delphi. !
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Creator FormsCategory:  Development Tools » Basic, VB, VB DotNet
Creator Forms the excellent assistant in creation of windows of the non-standard form for programs developed on Visual Basic. Accessible tools of creation of a window: rectangulars, ellipses, polygons and, attention, the TEXT and polygons with CURVE edges. End result of job with Creator Forms is generation of a code of a created window which you can use in the projects on Visual Basic. The code is completely optimized - without superfluous lines

Termites eat the taskbarCategory:  Desktop Tools » Other
The comic program. After start of the program, greedy insects - parasites start to attack on taskbar... Within minutes of pair from taskbar there are only pieces. Thus taskbar saves the serviceability, and it is easily restored. The option of installation of the timer will allow you to play a trick on the user of other computer or above other user of your computer.