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Our consulting and software development experience ranges from educational software packages for direct classroom use, to real-time, large-scale trading frameworks for financial institutions. With the introduction of Chinchilla 1.3, Antair has changed focus to become entirely a product-based software development firm. We no longer provide consulting services, but continue to draw upon our consulting experience to provide you with the most reliable, elegant and intuitive software products.Antair - Home of the BlackBerry Spam Filter, BlackBerry Call Screener, Asteroid Jane, BlackBerry Video Poker, BlackBerry Video Slots, and other great applications and games.
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Antair BlackBerry Call ScreenerCategory:  Communications » Telephony
The last thing you need during an important meeting, or during your well-deserved day off, is the obnoxious ringing of your BlackBerry announcing an unwelcomed phone call. At home, your answering machine can handle those annoying unwanted calls. At the office, you may have your secretary or personal assistant field those calls without bothering you. But what about your personal BlackBerry? Antair BlackBerry Call Screener is the answer.

Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 3.0Category:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Spam & Anti-Spy Utilities
The best spam solution for your BlackBerry. Your Antair Spam Filter sits directly on your BlackBerry, and filters spam directly from your BlackBerry email inbox. When an e-mail message arrives in your BlackBerry inbox, the Antair Spam Filter kicks into action without ever bothering you. When identified as spam, the message is removed from the BlackBerry. We designed Antair Spam Filter to be fast, small, smart, and effective.

Antair Video Slots for the BlackBerryCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Cards, Casino & Gambling
The best Video Slots for your BlackBerry handheld device. Featuring three variants of Video Slots in one great game, fantastic graphics and animation, great sound effects and vibration feedback, and true record keeping of your best games. Experience the thrill of the casino on your BlackBerry handheld device with Antair Video Slots. A fully-featured one-armed bandit machine in the palm of your hand. Play anytime, anywhere.

Antair Video Poker for the BlackBerryCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Cards, Casino & Gambling
The best Video Poker game for your BlackBerry handheld device. Featuring six variants of Video Poker in one great game, including single and multi-hand modes of play, fantastic graphics and animation, true record keeping of your best game sessions, and realistic bank balance mechanics.

Asteroid JaneCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Arcade
Fritter has been kidnapped! To get him back, Jane must endure a grueling competition and find the Star Emerald. Featuring unique and exciting game-play, 50 challenging levels, strange new items, and valuable power-ups. One of the best arcade games ever made for the BlackBerry handheld device.