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Anyplace Control Software was established in October 2002 on the basis of one Ukrainian research team. For a considerable period of time, this team was engaged in researching different fields of information technology and consulting concerning the automation of local network administration. The team leader is Yura Goncharuk.The company is focused on different corporative and end-user network solutions, such as: remote controlling, network security, network maintenance and administration, help desks and so on.Our specialists use the latest innovations in many fields of information technology. The optimum combination of software functionality and usability is achieved with the cooperative effort of the developers, analysts and sellers. Usability testing, in our opinion, occupies a fitting place in the high-quality production development.Anyplace Control is Remote Control PC software and File Transfer program for Windows. Download it for free and use Remote Control Computer, remote desktop administration and access via LAN or Internet.
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Anyplace ControlCategory:  Network & Internet » Remote Computing
Anyplace Control is a remote control software that allows you to operate a remote computer as if it were on your own desk. Your keyboard and mouse control the remote PC, your monitor displays remote computer's desktop. Software includes: File Transfer; Cut and Paste between PCs; Wake-on-LAN, remote restart and shutdown, lock remote mouse and keyboard, etc. The program can bypass routers and firewalls without any network settings!

Anyplace ControlCategory:  Network & Internet » Remote Computing
Anyplace Control is a universal program for remote PC control that presents a solution for a wide range of tasks. Home users can use the program to get access to their office PCs and work from home or check their own PC while being away from home. It also helps when you need to quickly resolve some problem or share files in the home network. Anyplace Control is also the right choice for remote assistants and network admins.