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AyRecovery Enterprise Server and AyRecovery Enterprise Administrator Console can be installed on the same computer or on separate computers. AyRecovery Enterprise Server does not have program interface, it runs as a NT service after installed. AyRecovery Enterprise Administrator Console provides IT administrators the interface to the client management.
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AyRecovery EnterpriseCategory:  System Utilities » Backup & Restore
AyRecovery Enterprise is a client/server based network management solution. As a client server architecture, AyRecovery Enterprise has 2 modules: The client module and the Server module. It supports Multi-System based clients' PC backup to server and recovery from it. It extremely meets small and medium enterprise to ensure system and cost the manage time and budget down.

AyPC SpeeduperCategory:  System Utilities » Launchers & Task Managers
AyPC Speeduper is an excellent tool to increase your PC's performance by allocating more CPU power to your active applications and games. It is a revolutionary product which enhances processor intensive software to run at even faster speeds. It works by using New 2007 Hard-Disk optimization technology that allows your computer to read data up to 30% faster from your Hard Drive and can boost the performance of your PC in the easy way remarkably.

AyRegistry OptimizerCategory:  System Utilities » Registry & Shell Utilities
AyRegistry Optimizer is a powerful registry error repair tool, easy to scan, repair, backup and restore your registry. AyRegistry Optimizer plays an important role in running a comprehensive scan through Windows registry, repairing registry errors, invalid entries and obsolete references, and thus dramatically improves system stability and performance. Make your computer just like a new one, just click to download and try it now.

AyRecovery ProfessionalCategory:  System Utilities » Backup & Restore
AyRecovery Professional is a professional all-in-one system restoring and data recovering software with fast recovery speed. It takes 1-5 seconds to take a snapshot, 20 seconds to recover system, up to 1000 snapshots selectable. AyRecovery Professional is powerful and flexible and almost every function of it can be configured to meet your personal or organization s need.

AySpyware DefenderCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Virus Utilities
AySpyware Defender is an advanced spyware detection, blocking and removal program. It delivers the most advanced spyware detection, blocking and removal method to beat and remove a multitude of spyware, adware, Trojan horses, etc. that many antivirus products do not deal with. Its advanced detection and removal capabilities are effective at fully removing spyware that is notorious for being eliminated.

AyRecovery professonalCategory:  System Utilities » Backup & Restore
1.Protecting PC from any software problems.2.Restoring file & system quickly.3.Creating snapshots of entire system & data.4.Removing unwanted software installations.

AyRecovery ProCategory:  System Utilities » Backup & Restore
AyRecovery Pro is the No. 1 system restore software around the world. You are enabled to take as many as 1000 system snapshots and restore your system to any snapshot as you wish. AyRecovery is the great windows backup and restore solution, with which you can easily restore your system to yesterday, last week or even last month without the requirement of learned IT technology.You are also the PC masters.

AyRecovery ProCategory:  System Utilities » Backup & Restore
AyRecovery Pro is the NO. One system recovery software around the world. It can take snapshots of the PC in only one seconds. It can take up to 1,000 snapshots.AyRecovery can help you recover files and data from snapshots or restore the system to a snapshot in several seconds. You can even restore system when Windows fails to boot. It's simple the best.