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The most powerful yet easy-to-use Windows Automation Software. Auto Macro allows you to automate any task on your computer, it is a time-saving tool that suits business and home users.
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AutoMacroCategory:  System Utilities » Launchers & Task Managers
AutoMacro is useful keyboard and mouse recorder to automate your tasks in computer. It can record all mouse clicks and keystrokes as macro scripts, then play the recorded macros to automate your tasks anytime. And it allows you to edit macros for a change and schedule macros for running whenever you d like.

Auto Mouse ClickerCategory:  System Utilities » Launchers & Task Managers
Auto Mouse Clicker is a simple automatic mouse click utility that makes the computer repeat mouse clicks for you automatically and efficiently. It s helpful for games and work that require massive amounts of mouse clicks.

Auto Keyboard PresserCategory:  System Utilities » Launchers & Task Managers
Auto Keyboard Presser is a tool that can press a specified key automatically. If you need to hold a key continuously in a game, then you can try Auto Keyboard Presser. It helps you to release at least one of your finger, and play the game better and more comfortable.

Scheduled TasksCategory:  System Utilities » Launchers & Task Managers
You can create scheduled tasks easily with Scheduled Tasks.