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Encryption software for everyone.
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Bildsoft SecureDNA 2007 + RoboformCategory:  Security & Privacy » Encryption Utilities
Bildsoft SecureDNA 2007 is the all-in-one security suite of Bildsoft. The software features are: 256-bit AES encryption of an unlimited amount of data and folders; e-mail encryption; USB sticks protection; CD protection; the Roboform password manager; password quality control; privacy for favourites Web sites; a file and folder shredder; hide data in audio and image files; quick drag & drop protection/deprotection.

Bildsoft SafestCategory:  Security & Privacy » Encryption Utilities
Hackers use programs which can discover our password of our "protected" files, searching it in text files, in which we have written it to don't forget it,or these software try to guess the secret word. Bildsoft has invented Safest algorithm which can, with two passwords,protect every kind of file thought the safest algorithm in the world (AES 256).Safest protects 4 times the same file with particular modifies of the 2 passwords typed by the user.

Bildsoft CrypterCategory:  Security & Privacy » Encryption Utilities
Bildsoft Crypter: the user has the possibility to create, hide and protect virtual hard disk. In virtual hard disks you can install programs, copy files, do everything you want. Data are encrypted with SecureDNA, so, who hasn't got the password can't view or access to the virtual disk. The graphic is wonderful and the simplicity really exists. In Bildsoft web site there is Bildsoft Crypter in other languages.

Bildsoft SecureDNACategory:  Security & Privacy » Encryption Utilities
The technology Bildsoft SecureDNA is born to developing the project Bildsoft Crypter. Crypter is a software that allows you to crypt your files to protect them from who hasn't got the password that you have been chosen. Bildsoft SecureDNA allows, although in an essential mode, this function. The technology has been developed in .Net 2.0 platform and with visual basic programming language to guarantee stability and an uncompromising power.