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Bluepulse Pty Ltd is a privately-held company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The company was founded by Ben Keighran in 2002 to develop and commercialise Open Application Delivery Platform (OADP) and Small Portable Object Technology (SPOT). Together these technologies enable the delivery of data, based on a user's profile, to a mobile end-station, regardless of the network and device used, via small software applications called "bluepulse widgets".The bluepulse client software based on SPOT can be freely distributed with any bluepulse widgets that have been written for it, on any data-enabled network or device. In addition, bluepulse widgets can be sold, subscribed-to or given away freely.Bluepulse generates revenue through providing professional development services and via a revenue share on widgets that use the bluepulse billing engine. Bluepulse has a patent pending on SPOT in 123 countries.
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