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CASE Studio 2 presentation with voiceoverCASE Studio 2 presentations (20 movies)Foxy SQL Pro presentations (4 movies)Download Live demo files (24 movies) Our aim To make software products that would be beneficial for database designers, developers and all who want to accomplish all their database-related tasks with greater productivity and higher quality. Company background CHARONWARE, s. r. o. is a privately held company located in Ostrava, in the Czech Republic. (European Union). This software company was established in 2000 by the founders and main programmers, Radim Kunz and David Fux. CHARONWARE, s. r. o. specializes in developing database modeling tools along with respecting principles of the Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE).
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CASE Studio 2Category:  Development Tools » Other
CASE Studio 2 is a professional database design tool, which allows you to visually create Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) for various database systems - e.g. MS SQL Server 2005, Oracle, DB2, Access, Sybase, Firebird, MaxDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more. With CASE Studio 2, you can reverse engineer your already existing database structures easily. Features include: SQL scripts generation, version manager, user-defined templates, HTML reports...