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About Sysax and Codeorigin, LLC Codeorigin, LLC is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire and develops and markets secure data communications software for the Windows operating system.
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Sysax FTP AutomationCategory:  Network & Internet » Telnet, SSH & FTP Clients
Secure file transfer automation and synchronization program with support for FTP, SFTP and FTPS. Other features include email notification, task scheduling, command line secure ftp, file (de)compression, transfer status monitoring, and OpenPGP Encryption. The program has an integrated script development and debugging environment with a built-in script generation wizard and provides a complete solution for securely automating file transfers.

Sysax Multi ServerCategory:  Servers » Web & Ftp Servers
Sysax Multi Server is a Secure FTP Server and SSH2 Secure Shell Server combined. It simultaneously supports remote access and file transfer using FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Telnet, and Secure Shell. It also supports web based file transfer using HTTP and HTTPS. Sysax Multi Server can be administered using the control panel from the local computer or remotely through a browser based web adiministration interface.