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Cogitum is a high-tech company, specializing in software development and internalization. Other products developed by Cogitum include Co-Tracker and Co-Citer with over 100,000 downloads each with highly positive press reviews and users comments, and other content management tools. Cogtum's mission in content management is integration of semantic and meaning-related information standard document processing. With professionals working on Windows, Linux, Palm OS, J2ME platforms, using all major languages, Cogitum provides custom software and content development for different levels of customers, from start-ups to largest corporations.Annotate Pictures with the FotoTagger image annotation tool to make them much more informative
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FotoTaggerCategory:  Graphic Applications » Viewers
FotoTagger is a free tool for annotating JPEG images and image areas. Add easy-to-hide searchable notes pointing to individual elements on the image. Find a particular object, or comment. Grab images directly from browser, organize and annotate images. Display tags in a form of balloons to create comics or image macros. Upload/download images to/from Flickr. Publish to blogs. Create Web slide-shows from selected images.