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About... Cowtec Cowtec is located amidst the rolling hills of Australia's Strzelecki Ranges, one of the country's premier dairy industry regions - hence the cow references! :-) We began developing EyeDrives and another program: HaLWorks during the 1990's and released them under the SoftTalon name. SoftTalon has now become Cowtec. EyeDrives has been updated to version 4 whilst the idea behind HaLWorks formed the basis upon which Filedoyen was built.Cowtec specializes in usable and innovative software and user interface design
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FiledoyenCategory:  System Utilities » File & Disk Management
Filedoyen is a file and archive (zip) manager with integrated text, code and hex editors, image viewer, file and folder compare and search tool. The single or dual-pane file manager allows files to be opened with a single click into the editor, viewer or archive manager. Files within archives can be previewed in the editor or viewer just as easily. By integrating these tools into one, Filedoyen makes file management both convenient and easy.