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My name is Daniel Backstr m, and I'm working as a structural engineer at a small consultant company in Vasteras, Sweden. I have a PhD in structural dynamics from KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. My present interests are music, painting, learning russian and various other things. Presently, I'm fascinated by the subject of conspiracy theories and their debunking. I wrote these documents focusing on some of the aspects of the collapses of the World Trade Center towers and why I don't think any men in black were necessarily involved:
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3DBeamFEMCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
3DBeamFEM is capable of estimating effective stresses, forces and displacements in 3D beam structures, such as frames and supports. Utilization factors are caculated for a given static load, allowing the user to evaluate the structural integrity.

Stereo Space ExpanderCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Other
Use Stereo Space Expander to add stereo effect to music recorded in mono! Stereo Space Expander uses time domain filtering and delays in order to create a pseudo-stereo experience from music recorded in mono.

Wave Wash and PolishCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Other
Wave Wash & Polish is a batch filter designed to remove stationary and transient noise ('hiss' and 'pops') from music and other audio data stored in standard 16/8 bit sterero/mono wave files (sorry, no direct support for mp3 files). You can select a bunch of files, click on a button and go for a walk with your dog while WWP does the dirtywork. On a 2 GHz computer, WWP will process approximately 3-4 minutes of CD-quality data per minute.