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About Dartware Dartware, LLC is a small software firm based in Hanover, NH. Our software lets you see what's happening in your network and manage the problems that crop up.Our primary product is InterMapper , a network monitoring and alerting tool. It was initially developed at Dartmouth College where Bill Fisher and Rich Brown worked to create a tool that would monitor the College's locally-developed New England Digital (NED) AppleTalk and IP routers. These minicomputer-based routers had extremely limited memory, and thus couldn't ever be programmed to speak SNMP. With more than one hundred of these routers in the basements of buildings on campus, the College decided to write its own tool for monitoring the network. As more SNMP-speaking commercial equipment was brought on campus, InterMapper was extended to support SNMP, and later other probe types.The program was good enough that Rich and Bill were encouraged to market InterMapper commercially beginning in July 1996. (They had some practice marketing software from their experience selling the MacPing software from 1992.) Dartmouth also began selling their SNMP Watcher MIB console in March 1999.InterMapper takes the guess work out of network monitoring. Our network monitoring software includes network mapping tools that give visual, real-time network alerts. Download a free 2-week trial today.
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InterMapper conducts real-time monitoring and alerts you to network problems before users suffer downtime or poor performance. Hundreds of built-in probes, SNMP and ping discover and query elements across your distributed network - whether it spans several rooms or a country. Network maps provide an at-a-glance view of operations and traffic and 1-click access to performance details. Integrated NetFlow analysis quickly discovers bandwidth hogs.