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Planets and Space 3D Screen Saver
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Country LocatorCategory:  Education » Geography
A virtual 3-D globe on your computer ! Visualize the location of all the countries of the world. Use as a reference to locate countries whose location you are curious about. Test your knowledge of the world by having the program prompt you for the whereabouts of countries. See if you can find them ! Using its atlas-like capabilities you can select a country in the list and Country Locator will find the country for you !

Super StatesCategory:  Education » Kids
In this software educational game, the locations of the 48 contiguous states are taught in an interactive fashion. The user drags each state with the mouse to its proper location, using a jigsaw-puzzle metaphor. Identifying the state is also part of the fun. The state's capital is also displayed and the use of sound-effects and graphics is integral to the program.