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Ace Contact Manager is a new acquisition of Data Management Assistance Corporation of Winchester, Virginia. DMAC's data entry products, Unibase by DMAC, and Unibase Imaging have made it a leader in the data capture industry. Founded in 1989, DMAC currently supports over 5000 data entry and image entry workstations in over 400 companies worldwide.Contact manager - Ace, the net-based contact management software. No need for time management tracking software or address book software. The Ace contact manager contains those functions and more.
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Ace Contact ManagerCategory:  Business & Finance » PIMS & Calendars
Use Ace Contact Manager for organizations which need to share contact information while assuring that all users can rapidly access all data at all times. Ace provides secure central location of all data including only one copy of all attachments. Attachment modification are serialized. Ace provides all features expected in a contact manager such as time tracking, to do lists, email, private records, alarms, groups, indexes, activity series, etc.

ProjectBudgetManagerCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
Project Budget Manager is a cost control program for projects with budgets as small as $500 and as large as $5,000,000 or larger. Developed for engineers rather than accountants, Project Budget Manager emphasizes control of project costs in preference to accounting for them after the fact.

NetStafTrakrCategory:  Business & Finance » Databases & Utilities
The NetStafTrakr7 Network In-Out Board provides an easy-to-use means of keeping tabs on the office in-out status of company employees. Start by keeping track of up to 25 employees; expand to thousands. NetstafTrakr7 is easy to install, easy to administer, and provides greater security. The trial Download allows tracking five employees.