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Desktop-AngelCategory:  Desktop Tools » Other
1.Write daily diary.2.Alarm.3.Make the user-defined website favorite.4.System tools. 5.Run purposeful procedure at starting Desktop Angel.6.Player.7.Game. It includes the Gobang, the Winlinez, the Tetris, the Same Game, and so on.8.Metrology. Make many unit conversions by Metrology tool.9.Calculator.10.Receiving and dispatching E-mail. 11.Calendar.12.Set shortcut key.

DesktopGameCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Amuse yourself with many games, including the Gobang, the Winlinez, the Tetris, the Same Game. Play the media file with a huge variety of audio and video formats. Supports almost all the media file formats such as MP3, WMA, DAT, WAV, AVI, MOV, RMI, and MPEG.

DesktopAlarmCategory:  Desktop Tools » Clocks & Alarms
Alarm. Set any kind of alarm to do the designed intend, such as, running the appointed application, shutting down the computer. Those actions can be repeatable with a reiteration of many kinds, such as one time, minutely, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Make the user-defined website favorite. System tools. Efficiently get many important windows tasks together to economize time by the way of integrating them together, such as changing display m

CalendarCategory:  Desktop Tools » Clocks & Alarms
Calibrate system time of the computer, and establish the different style clock (for example, the Point clock, the Number clock, and the Cartoon clock), the stopwatch and the real-time demonstration to the time of the different time zone.

CalculatorCategory:  Education » Science
Calculate the value of math expression with a combination of many math functions, Variable and Function is included ABS, ATAN, COS, EXP, LN, ROUND, SIN, SQRT, SQR, TRUNC, NOT, BOOL, SGN.

ShortcutKeyCategory:  Desktop Tools » Other
Set shortcut key. Establish a shortcut key to reveal or hide the application procedure which assigns. Moreover, by "left-clicking" and "right-clicking" your mouse at the same time, it can hide the Desktop or the task bar, and restore it with the same action.

MetrologyCategory:  Education » Science
Make many unit conversions by Metrology tool.Including Acceleration,Weight_Mass,Computer Storage,Circular_Angle,Density,Pressure,Sound,Power,Date_Time,Torque,Calorie,Speed,Area,Energy Work,Force,Frequency,Fuel Efficiency,Length/Distance,Volume,Resistance,Resistivity,Capacitance,Conductance,Radioactivity,Radia tion Absorbed Dose,Radiation Exposure,Heat Capacity,Heat Transfer Coefficient,Heat Flux Density,Flow Mass,Flow Volume,Flow Molar, and so on.

DiaryCategory:  Desktop Tools » Other
Write daily diary. You can record the daily things based on the date, the schedule and so on. At the same time you can select and edit them. In especial, the whole documents can be grouped under distinct color.