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About us Since 1999, a group of leading programmers in Digital Atlantic Corp has focused on CDRoller project, CD and DVD related software with a wide set of options to find and retrieve the lost data. Each member of our staff is a computer professional, with over 20 years experience in programming computers of all types, producing commercial products for embedded systems and PC's. Our mission is to provide you with a powerful, easy-to-use and non-expensive tools for recovery of irreplaceable CD/DVD files!CDRoller is a powerful, easy-to-use and low-cost software for CD and DVD data recovery. It effectively recovers the data from the discs created by CD and DVD writing software, such as well-known Roxio (Adaptec) and Ahead Nero software packages. CDRoller retrieves CD and DVD data created by Sony digital cameras, Hitachi, Panasonic and Sony DVD camcorders, personal DVD recorders, etc. Software includes a built-in Video Splitter. It splits the recovered VOB or VRO files into a several clips (scenes), automatically converting a raw DVD-video data into MPEG files without loss of quality. The program was specially tested on the discs, created by Hitachi DVD camcorders. CDRoller includes a built-in CD/DVD data burner. It burns your data onto CD and DVD with the most compatible ISO/Joliet file system. There is no need to run 3-rd party CD/DVD writing sofware if you wish to backup your files and folders immediately after recovery. The Burn option is integrated into a common shell. Just write new disc with recovered data within couple of minutes without leaving CDRoller! The program erases CD and DVD re-writable media with support of quick and full erase methods. Due to the built-in decompressor, software on-the-fly unpacks the files initially compressed by Roxio (Adaptec) DirectCD. CDRoller retrieves back up files from the discs recorded in several stages (so-called multisession discs). It also finds and retrieves the lost files on UDF discs, including: accidently deleted files, files on quick-formatted disc, files on incorrectly closed disc, etc. Due to a built-in UDF Reader, there is no need to install a third-party software, so-called UDF Reader drivers. CDRoller quickly identifies the lost files on ISO/Joliet discs with the damaged file system (volume descriptors, path tables and directories), using the raw data only. It also rescues the data from scratched, damaged or defective discs. In addition to the data recovery, CDRoller offers a set of another CD/DVD related features, such as CD/DVD media tester, Digital Audio Extractor and ISO Image file creator. All program features are integrated into a common and easy-to-use intuitive shell.
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A handy and reliable toolset for data recovery from optical discs (CD/DVD/Blu-ray), hard and ssd drives, memory cards and other types of Windows drives. Recovers lost files on UDF discs created by old versions of Sonic (Adaptec, Roxio) software. Retrieves the lost footages from not properly finalized discs, created by DVD camcorders: Hitachi, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Samsung and other DVD cameras. Converts VOB data into MPG files. Burns new discs.