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Digital Workshop, developers of the Opus range of multimedia authoring tools, web development, Flash animation tools, digital imaging filter effects and rich media presentation software for business and education.I added some information regarding this company, but it appears to have been deleted. Is there a reason for this?RESPONSE: Your information was removed because it contained material of an editorial nature (although some of it seemed well researched). Please use this page for factual information, and the review/comment area for opinions (click the add review button to the right of this text block) about the site or company.In that area it is ok not to like a company, but please cite any facts, making sure they are accurate and verifiable.
Latest Windows software from Digital Workshop

Opus ProCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Other
Visual development of Windows apps, Android, HTML5, Flash, SCORM e-learning, games, interactive applications with or without scripting. Output Android, SCORM , Flash, CD, EXE, video. Includes shape tweening. Distribute freely for pleasure or profit. Database and scripting support. Distribute for pleasure or profit - no royalties. Integrated Android APK and SCORM packagers.

Opus CreatorCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Presentation Utilities
Quickly design interactive HTML5 for Windows, iPhone, Android and Mac. Opus Creator s enhanced HTML5 offers advanced features without scripting or jQuery. A freestyle editor with simple, select-and-apply properties and actions lets you create websites, games, quizzes, presentations, animations, educational resources, and other multimedia. Publish to HTML5, Flash, CD, EXE, video or DVD. Distribute for pleasure or profit - no royalties.

textArtCategory:  Graphic Applications » Editors
Create and customise over 350 special Text effects for quick and easy title, banners and highlights. From Simple outlines, contours, dots and lines through PopArt Scribble, patch up and Comic Book to highly Polished chrome, gold Steel and even semi transparent effects such as glass and mist. Easy to use... Just type your line of text, select the effect and choose the colours and apply!

ClinxCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Clinx is a colour-matching game based on the legendary pedras do mardis gras or carnival stones of Machu Khlixhu. These rare and mysterious gems changed colour when hit with a gold object and this magical property soon became part of religious festivals. However, the stones could only change colour a certain number of times depending on their age and fragility. Once they had been struck that number of times they would remain that colour forever.

Presto Web FXCategory:  Web Development » Flash Utilities
Combine Flash effects and animations into animated panels and banners. Simply select and apply over 325 preset effects or customise to suit. Make your own tween animations or morph effects easily. Includes bitmap and gradient fills, vector drawing tools and now comes with Flacrobats, a special symbol font to make unusual results from the same effects. Publish to Flash format for your Web site or multimedia project.

Opus HeadstartCategory:  Education » Teaching & Training Utilities
Headstart is our dedicated educational multimedia software for primary school and KS2. Headstart is more exciting than slideshow or presentation software but requires no additional skills. Let's you animate text and graphics easily and incorporate digital images, sound, music or video. Also creates multimedia internet sites, screensavers and simple games. Ideal for ICT requirements.