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Did you know that when you send your email messages, they do not go directly to recipient mailboxes? Did you know that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) stores copies of all your email messages on its mail servers before it tries to deliver them? Do you know that someday all the information kept on the servers can be easily used against you?If you need to encrypt your text documents for distribution via email, or by any other means, then ShyFile can take care of it. Encryption can be set from 192bit to 6144bit, depending on the length of the key you decide to use. Your key is created by entering any sequence of characters available on the standard keyboard, and can be altered for each encryption.It takes just a few easy steps to encrypt some text and to put it into a self-decrypting, yet harmless HTML-application file. Enter your key (password,) enter your text, select a folder to save your ShyFile in and click the Encode button. That's it. ShyFile allows recipients to decode the text without requiring a copy of the program, making it a useful service that offers security to everyone. Any recipient of an email having a ShyFile attached to it simply uses an Internet browser to decode. The HTML-application file is wrapped around the actual JavaScript self-decrypting algorithm that will decode the cipher text carried along.3 easy steps to give your email a military strength security. Use your browser to decode the symmetric encrypted messages. Keep your current email settings.
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It encrypts your files and text (with up to 6,144-bit) and puts its contents into an extra file to be attached to an e-mail or uploaded to a Web site. Any file can be used as a key. Use an Internet browser to decode. It features a secure chat (no need to enroll or become a member nor to pick a chat room.) The File Shredder thoroughly delete files on your hard drive in a way no undelete tool could ever restore them again.